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November 2, 2016

This Christmas Happy Families UK want to support our small and local businesses. There are so many amazing local family-run businesses that are looking for a new way of advertsing their products this Christmas. If you have a business that makes your own products, you may sell beauty products, have a shop that needs to increase the footfall and/or bookings or you just want to increase visits to your Facebook or Website then this is the place to help.


We are creating a Christmas article that will showcase your local business. We can include a photograph and up to 400 words about your products/business/offers. This will be listed as a Featured Article on our website hompage until Christmas. We have had fantastic readership figures since launching the website on the 1st August and have already had over 4,300 page views, with the majoirty of the readership being south-Manchester based.


We will also use social media on a weekly basis to increase readership of the article. This has worked really well for us and some articles have reached over 6,000 facebook users and 1,000 twitter users. We have a very active social media feed due to the articles listed on our website and also due to our Happy Families Get Messy classes which we run weekly to local customers.


To list your business in the Christmas article we are offering a discounted price of £30 which could give you up to 7 weeks advertising if you sign up early enough!! If you are interested or would like any further information please email


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