Do you regret your baby's name?

August 31, 2016


Choosing your child's name is an important decision. Some decide when they are pregnant what the child will be called, others wait to see what the baby looks like. But are you always 100% sure on your decision?


Apparently, almost a fifth of parents in the UK regret the name they chose for their child, a survey has suggested.


An online poll of more than 1,000 parents carried out by Mumsnet found that 18% of parents regretted the name they chose for their offspring, but only 2% actually changed their child's name.


One of the main reasons for why there was regret was how regularly the name was used by others (25%), the data suggested. Other sources of regret included spelling or pronunciation issues (11%).


The Mumsnet survey has been released in anticipation of annual statistics from the Office of National Statistics on the most popular baby names of the year in England and Wales.


According to the survey one mother said the moment she began to regret naming her daughter Elsa was when when the Disney film Frozen became popular.


Do you regret your child's name? Has your child's name received criticsm from family members? Tell us now!

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