Happy Families Get Messy Launches This September

July 28, 2016


Your child learns more in their first 12 months than at any other time of their life!! So why not stimulate your child with as many different experiences as possible! Artistic activities have a central role in babies and toddlers’ learning & development as they help nurture imagination, develop problem-solving, increase their thinking and help improve motor skills.


Happy Families Get Messy is a great class for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. The sessions are designed to allow children to learn through their senses by providing the materials and by encouraging the children to ‘have a go’. There is no worry or stress about getting dirty or making a mess so parents can see the pleasure children get from the materials and the possibilities for learning.


As children get older creative experiences can help children express and cope with their feelings. A child's creative activity can help to learn more about what the child may be thinking or feeling. It can foster mental growth in children by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, and new ways of thinking and problem-solving.


Encouraging children to make their own choices is important and they should be given frequent opportunities to experience and explore expressive materials. It’s also important to focus on the process of creativity and not on the finished product. If children cover themselves in paint whilst making a picture it shouldn’t be discouraged – which is way our classes are the perfect environment to get creative and messy!


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Each session lasts 1 hour, your child will have 45mins of fun then you can get clean, have a hot drink and a cake and have time to chat to your friends! Please bring a towel and change of clothes for your children. Please don’t wear your best clothes so you can get messy with them without and stress!


When and Where


All classes are currently heald at Woodsend Scout Hut, Woodsend Cres Road, Flixton, M41 8AD


Friday 9th September 2016 9.30am Baby Class FREE TASTER

Friday 9th September 2016 11am Mixed Age Class FREE TASTER

Tuesday 13th September 2016 10am Mixed Age Class FREE TASTER

If you enjoy the taster, courses can be booked for the rest of the half term:

Friday 9.30am Baby Class (6-18months) 16th Sep-21st Oct £36

Friday 11am Mixed Class (6months to pre-school)16th Sep-21st Oct £36

Siblings will cost £24 for 16th Sep-21st Oct

Tuesday 10am Mixed (6months to pre-school) 20th Sep-18th Oct £30

Siblings will cost £24 for 20th Seo-18th Oct

Ad-hoc classes will cost £7.50 per session and £5 for siblings.


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