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Why Get Messy?

Mess is a given when you have children, but this can often result in stress for parents – you don’t want to have a constantly messy house or you feel people are judging you if you have a dirty or messy child. However, children learn best when they can fully explore their environment, using all of their senses. A Happy Families Get Messy class provides the perfect environment for your children to learn through messy play without the stress.


Our Classes have been running for a year and we have had some fantastic comments from parents and all our reviews have been 5***** on our Facebook page:

"My girls had a lovely time today at get messy. It was very well organised and Alexandra and becky were very welcoming and helpful. Some great ideas for messy play, and my daughters came away nice and clean. We will definitely be returning- thanks xx"

"Lovely staff; very well organised; relaxed atmosphere and a nice brew and homemade cake at the end. My little girl loved it - we will be back next week!"

"Thank you for a great morning. Lots of fun and great atmosphere, see u next week for more messy play. Kate with Lois age 1."

"Went today with my 7 month old twins. I was a little unsure at first as they can't sit up properly but Becky and Alex were brilliant. The girls and I loved getting messy and the baths at the end. I would recommend this to anyone who is thinking of going. Thanks"

"My boy loved this and we are super excited to sign up! Thanks for such a great morning xxx"

Book Your Taster Class today!

Taster sessions are available for £7 per child. Please tell us which date you would like to come from those listed below.


Our new term of Get Messy starts on Friday 8th November. Here are all the details and how you can get the best deal for you:


Each week will have a different theme and messy elements.


Friday 10am

21st Feb, 28th Feb, 6th Mar, 13th Mar, 20th Mar and 27th Mar

Please email us which classes you would like to attend to fit in with your Schedule.


Purchase Options

1 or 2 classes £8.50 per class and £6.50 for siblings per class

3 classes for £24 and £18 for siblings

4 classes for £30 and £22 for siblings

5 classes for £35 and £25 for siblings

6 classes for £36 and £27 for siblings

Bank transfer is required to secure your booking: Santander, Sort Code 09-01-29, Account Number 00796525, Ref Your Name.

All classes listed above are currently held at Woodsend Scout Hut, Woodsend Cres Road, Flixton, M41 8AD

What will happen in a Class?

Classes last an hour and include a fabulous Messy Play Session which will have a different theme each week. There will be time to clean your child and have a free hot drink, cake and a chat.

Please bring clean clothes for your child, a towel and don't wear your best clothes so you can also join in the fun!!!

Find your nearest Get Messy centre
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The psychology bit...

Liz Parnell in ‘The Importance of Messy Play’ states ‘The richer the textural experiences, the richer their cognitive and language development will be – how can a nine-year-old grasp the concept of “slimy” if he has never touched anything “slimy”?’ Also, Danielle Steinberg who wrote ‘Developing and Cultivating Skills Through Sensory Play’ believes that by giving children the opportunity to investigate materials with no preconceived knowledge, you’re helping them develop and refine their cognitive, social and emotional, physical, creative and linguistic skillsets.

At a Happy Families Get Messy class your child will experience materials of different temperatures (cold, warm, tepid), textures (rough, smooth, wet & dry), of different appearance (size, shape & colour) and the causes & effects of these materials to stimulate all of their senses.


Each class also provides a welcoming environment to new Mums/Dads/carers as we recognise that without places to go and meet others experiencing similar challenges it can be quite isolating at home.

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