The Why, How, What of Happy Families UK
Happy Families UK exists to bring families together and ensure that parenting remains as fun and stress free as it can be.
We are the first community based local network for parents in the UK combining news and reviews of pre-school and family based activities, fun family ideas AND with the addition of weekly locally run activity sessions called ‘Happy Families Get Messy’.
Happy Families Get Messy sessions focus on encouraging children and parents to experience the developmental benefits and fun of messy sensory play, helping in the nurturing of your childs cognitive, social, emotional, physical, creative and linguistic skillsets.
The people behind Happy Families UK

The Happy Families UK project is the brainchild of friends and working mothers Alexandra Howells and Becky Ryder.


Born out of their mixed experiences of running and attending local groups as well as managing a local parent-focused website, Alex and Becky have combined their backgrounds in marketing, social work and most crucially motherhood to 7 children to launch the UK's first community based local network for parents with its own locally based activity group - providing a unique opportunity for users of the site to engage directly with the founders.

Our vision for Happy Families UK is simple.


We want to build a community based website and run locally based play classes.


In time we'd like to replicate this across the UK, with like-minded parents working with us to extend the benefits of messy play across their communitites with a website that actually represents the interests of families that live, work and play in that area.

The future
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